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June 7 2016 | Startup2scale-up day


The ehealth week 2016 consists of three events divided over five days. This week has not only an international focus, local initiatives are provided with a platform too.

June 7 2016 | Startup2scale-up day


The Netherlands has a thriving startup scene. Many of these innovative entrepreneurs focus their efforts on the challenges in the healthcare sector. During this first ‘Startup2scale-up’ event, we help these entrepreneurs to increase the impact of their product or solution by bringing them to the attention of financiers, users and governments. This day specifically focuses on entrepreneurs that have solutions and products which have already proven to be effective.

During the startup2scale-up day, Dutch entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to meet people and organisations that can help them grow, both in the Netherlands, and abroad. For foreign entrepreneurs this is also an excellent opportunity to get familiar with the Netherlands as a basis for further growth within the EU. The goal of the day is to connect Dutch and international startups with financiers and users, to give them practical tips and expand their network.

The chosen location for this event is the Marine Establishment in Amsterdam. The official location for events under the presidency of Netherlands to the Council of the European Union.

For more information, please contact:

Chris Flim
Ministry of Health, wellbeing and sports

Paul Pelsmaeker
Digital care / fiche European eHealth Accelerator