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June 6 2016 | Regional day


The ehealth week 2016 consists of three events divided over five days. This week has not only an international focus, local initiatives are provided with a platform too.

6 juni 2016: Regiodag


The eHealth Week starts on Monday, with the Dutch Health Innovation regions opening their doors to demonstrate the best eHealth solutions within their region. In eight different regions local events are organized to show how innovations lead to better care.

The participating regions will be challenged to conclude regional deals and strive for cooperation with their colleagues. Working together will speed up the implementation of innovations across the whole of the Netherlands and maybe even beyond.

These regional deals will be concluded at the Marine Establishment in Amsterdam. This is the official location for events under the presidency of Netherlands to the Council of the European Union.

To learn more about activities related to eHealth in your region, please contact::

Province of Overijssel
Health Innovation Park Zwolle -

Amsterdam ee
Amsterdam Economic Board -

Rotterdam, The Hague, Leiden
Medical Delta-

West-Brabant -

Maastricht ee
Maastricht -

North Netherlands
Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands -

Province of Utrecht
Utrecht province -

East Netherlands
Health Valley -